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Knife Crime is on the rise daily with over 1500 fatal and 60,000 non-fatal knife incidents since 2015.

Together we have a strong voice and can take action against this epidemic that is shaking our nation and destroying homes

Be Vigilant on Knife Crime. Call 101 or 999 to report Knife Crime. Don't approach a suspect who may be armed.
Community Forums

Join our community forums and connect with campaigners, families and more united to tackle knife crime.

Official Newsroom

We've now launched our brand new newsroom to give you the latest AKUK news and information.


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Stabbed: Britain's Knife Crime Crisis

Watch the BBC documentary about the Knife Crime epidemic across the UK with families, victims and campaigners coming together to tackle it where the government failed.

Youth Portal

We have designed our Youth Portal with kids in mind, you'll find interactive content from printables, games, school activites and more in one place.

Police Portal

Ever wondered how your police force are dealing with Knife Crime? We've put together our portal to give you detailed information.


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